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Celebrating Mothers All Month Long

I’d like to think that we could celebrate Mother’s Day all year, but, ok, I’ll settle for all month.One thing I love about Mother’s Day is that it is an opportunity to acknowledge all of the amazing work we mothers do which is often is not recognized by society. Mother’s Day is a day when we mothers are noticed, are put, hopefully, more front and center and appreciated by those around us. I love also how it’s an opportunity to break down boundaries when you’re out and about and you can talk to anyone who is a mom and say, “Happy Mother’s Day!” when on another day it might not be so easy to connect with them. There’s a solidarity and sisterhood in the day and that I treasure. And for those of us whose mothers are no longer alive, it can also be a melancholy day and that’s ok too. I sometimes like remembering my mom on that day. Mother’s Day gives me a chance to focus on her in ways I can’t always do. Although, I have to say, since making this movie, I get to spend a lot of time with my mom, because the story is so much about her. While editing the film with Pola every day, I constantly think about how HERE ONE DAY celebrates mothers and mother-loss and explores the legacy of emotions that get passed down across generations from mothers to their children. The spirit of our mothers, going back across the centuries, is with us every day. I am grateful to everything my many mothers did to enable me to be where I am today.

I’ll post information on other organizations paying tribute to mothers this month, so please forward any great efforts that you know about to me at:

Please continue to share your own thoughts and stories–we love to hear from you and I know others do too. We’re connecting and breaking the silence, melting the isolation, inspiring others to do so and to seek help! We can all be proud.

Learn more about Here One Day and our Kickstarter fundraising challenge this month by visiting our Kickstarter page. Please help us to finish this film! Back this project and join our community with a donation of $5 or more! Every dollar helps to keep us editing.

Consider donating to HERE ONE DAY in your mother’s name (or any special family member) like our friend Lauren. We’ll send them a beautiful card in your honor.

With deep gratitude,


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