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Exciting Summer Updates From Here One Day

Hello everyone and happy summer!

I write to you from my family’s house in the Adirondacks where I am spending much appreciated time soaking up the outdoors with my family. I’m also writing grants in my ‘kid-less’ moments to raise the final funds to complete editing on Here One Day, and to continue promoting the film. I am very much enjoying my correspondence with everyone writing in who has heard about the film, or has had a chance to catch the work-in-progress screenings. The feedback is incredibly helpful to me and continues to provide a wealth of inspiration.

Every day I receive pre-orders for DVDs and requests for screenings! This film is going to soar out into the world and help to break the silence and reduce stigma around mental illness and suicide. It is going to open people’s hearts and inspire others to tell their stories so we are all connecting, listening, supporting each other, changing attitudes, and saving lives. Thanks to our vibrant on-line presence and the several work-in-progress screenings the film is already doing its job!

I am proud to share some recent successes regarding our work and some pictures from screenings held this spring. Can you believe it? This time last year we were beginning the amazing process of piecing together scenes, audio and pictures in the edit room with Pola. Since then, so many wonderful things have happened. Today I am happy to report…

  • “Here One Day” has been chosen as one of the 18 finalists for the Women In Film Foundation’s 2012 Film Finishing Fund. Winners will be announced sometime in late August / early September.

  • We were selected for the IFP’s Spotlight on Documentaries Sept. 16th-20th at Film Week, a film market with hundreds of industry professionals from around the world.

  • We’ve surpassed 1000 fans on Facebook! A fantastic achievement. If you have not already done so, please “Like Us” :)

  • We are receiving many new screening requests and pre-orders for the DVD from around the globe! If you are interested in learning more about screening Here One Day or pre-ordering the DVD, please click here

  • We screened the film this spring at the AFSP/AAS Healing After Suicide Conference in Baltimore and at the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Both were incredible events with over 100 people in attendance at each screening—wonderful, honest and brave survivors of suicide and dedicated mental health professionals. I’ve shared some photos with you from the AFSP/AAS Baltimore event below (

We look forward to continuing to connect with all of you and please, keep the comments and feedback coming. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our film and the latest in mental health advocacy and suicide prevention news. We welcome your encouraging tax-deductible donations of any amount to help us reach the finish line as soon as possible so the film can fly!

Please donate here:

With gratitude,

Kathy and the Here One Day Team

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