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In Honor of Robin Williams, Hug Someone You Love

The suicide of Robin Williams is tragic. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and to all of us. A tremendous loss. My day is filled with a mix of sadness which makes me want to just sit and cry and a rage and agency to do 100 times the amount of work with Here One Day, to spread the film and the feelings and conversations it sparks to more and more people to stop these tragedies from occurring. In the US suicide happens to non-celebs and celebs alike almost every 13 minutes, but when a suicide is so public, by someone whom so many of us feel that we knew, this kind of death and his struggle hit home in a powerful, earth-shattering way. Williams' suicide makes our work with Here One Day all the more important, much-needed, and timely. It's always been timely, but Williams' death reminds us that this is true. There is work to be done. We must change how the mentally ill are treated, thought about, and seen, and improve the mental health care system to provide better treatment, greater support, and understanding. We must also remove the stigma so people can talk about these things out loud. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention included the following in their statement about Robin Williams' death:

"We have to do more to prevent such tragic deaths through greater awareness of mental health issues, warning signs, effective interventions and treatment. Suicide is preventable and we all have a role to play to end the tragedy of suicide."

My work with HERE ONE DAY Movie is my role to play.

As my Aunt Sally says in the last words of Here One Day, "For Nina's sake, hug someone you love." And now, for Robin's sake too.

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